Sexual Analysis – Why Black Women Turn Me on More

To establish our topic, first and foremost, I think black women are hot. It’s that simple. Black women are more attractive to me than any other race for the following reasons:

black women love

1. Black women have incredibly thick lips. Tyra Banks’ lips are the most luscious lips I have seen. I assume this also leads to better sex in the bedroom, especially when she performs oral on her man.

2. Black women have incredible butts. For some reason a lot more fat goes to a black girl’s butt then a white girl’s. This leads to bigger butts for black women and that is a big turn on for me. Beyonce has a very big but.

3. Black women have the thickest leg. One of my biggest turn ons is the leg thickness. Beyonce’s legs would be my favorite.

4. Black women are more intense. The overall attitude of a black woman is more intense. This leads to more dirty talk during sex.

5. Black women have bigger vaginas. This is more sexual reason, but I get more aroused when I enter a black vagina, and I believe it is because they are bigger.

Due to these reasons, I overall feel more attracted to black women. Do not get me wrong, any race of women can be attractive, but black women take the cake for me. Don’t get me started on Tatyana Ali.

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