Sexual Analysis – Why Black Women Turn Me on More

To establish our topic, first and foremost, I think black women are hot. It’s that simple. Black women are more attractive to me than any other race for the following reasons:

black women love

1. Black women have incredibly thick lips. Tyra Banks’ lips are the most luscious lips I have seen. I assume this also leads to better sex in the bedroom, especially when she performs oral on her man.

2. Black women have incredible butts. For some reason a lot more fat goes to a black girl’s butt then a white girl’s. This leads to bigger butts for black women and that is a big turn on for me. Beyonce has a very big but.

3. Black women have the thickest leg. One of my biggest turn ons is the leg thickness. Beyonce’s legs would be my favorite.

4. Black women are more intense. The overall attitude of a black woman is more intense. This leads to more dirty talk during sex.

5. Black women have bigger vaginas. This is more sexual reason, but I get more aroused when I enter a black vagina, and I believe it is because they are bigger.

Due to these reasons, I overall feel more attracted to black women. Do not get me wrong, any race of women can be attractive, but black women take the cake for me. Don’t get me started on Tatyana Ali.

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5 Tips to Make Married Couples Feel like They’re Dating Again

If you find that your marriage is in a rut, here are five tips to help rejuvenate the relationship and make you feel like you did when you first started dating. The easy-to-do tips should help get your marriage out of a rut and put the spice back in the relationship.


Set Aside Special Time – Most married couples are busy with their hectic schedules that may involve work, children, community activities, or other obligations. In most cases, the spouses are relegated to whatever time that might be left over which is usually not much. Couples should specify a day or period that is devoted just to the two of them to go on a date. If you have small kids, hire a babysitter or take kids to the grandparents, and spend that special time alone. What you do with your time can range from going out to dinner or movies, renting a room at a hotel, taking a leisurely drive to a scenic or romantic place, visit a local attraction, or go for a walk. Do things that you did when you were dating.

Compliment Your Partner Each Day – Everyone likes to be appreciated and an easy way to make your partner feel good is to give them a compliment each day. Married couples should make concerted efforts to find something nice to say about each other. And when you compliment them, give them a hug and a kiss, too. Be sure that you compliments are sincere. If you do this each day, I’m willing to bet that you will start getting compliments in return. This will help you to regain that feeling you had when you were first dating.

Change What You Are Doing – Don’t continue to do the same things and expect a different outcome. If you are in a rut, it’s because you may be doing the same thing over and over again. Change your routine by doing something different from time to time. Do that activity that you know your spouse has wanted to do. If she likes to go out dancing, go ahead and take her dancing. If he likes going to a sporting event, do a little research to learn more about the sport, buy the tickets for him and join him at a game. Revive the variety of things that you did when you were dating and this will help your marriage get out of its rut.

Become More Spontaneous – Sometimes it takes something done at the spur of the moment to get your marriage out of a rut. This is similar to the preceding tip but it works better when you do it without much advance planning. Kidnap your spouse and take them to a fancy hotel (or a seedy motel) for some unbridled passion. Go on a spur of the moment picnic and get what you need at the local bakery or convenience store or fruit stand. Grab your partner as you pass them in the house and give them a passionate kiss or a squeeze to a special body part. This will definitely get their attention and make you feel like you did when you were dating.

Seduce Your Partner – Too often married couples fall into a pattern of behavior where they treat each other like a comfortable pair of old shoes. As mentioned earlier,you’re yourself back in the same mode you were in when you were dating. Seduce your partner by dressing up in your best outfit just to have dinner. Make sure to set the mood for dinner with candles, incense, flowers, or something totally different from the normal dinner setting. Afterwards, romance them on the sofa or on a blanket in front of the fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace, throw a blanket on the floor and turn on some soothing jazz or favorite music. Or take them into the shower and soap each other down. But whatever you do, pretend that you have just met that person and want to entice them into making love to you, just like you did when you first met. This should help your marriage from getting in a rut and make you feel as if you are dating again.

If you follow these tips, your marriage will thrive from the new emphasis on rejuvenating the relationship. You’ll feel some of the magic return and make you feel like you did when you both first started dating each other.

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Interracial Dating and the Christian

Eleven years ago this summer, I fell deeply in love with a bespectacled young lady I spent four hours getting to know on a Greyhound bus.


It was a hot Tuesday afternoon–June 24, 1997 to be exact. The hot, 93-degree sun beamed down on me as I made my way to the Greyhound station in downtown Kalamazoo. I was tired, enfamished from all the packing I had done. School was out, and it was time to leave town to go home to Detroit to visit my folks. Amy–her name for the purpose of this discussion–was also getting ready to go on a long vacation back to her home in one of the New England states.

She was quiet, soft-spoken, a woman of very few words. So I thought. As I was getting in line to buy my personal pizza, she was also in line to get something to eat before our trip. Further conversation revealed that she was going my way.

She had a chip on her shoulder; she was clearly upset, and needed to let off a little steam about a few things that happened between her and the church I was currently attending.

Anyway, during the course of this bus ride, I found out she was intelligent, had this very soothing, very beautiful voice. For four of the most blissful, beautiful hours, she really opened up to me, and at one point was in tears.

By the end of that bus ride, one thing was clear: I was in love–I mean truly in love. Mind you I had happened to only see her around a few times before that. But there was one catch: Although we were both saved, born again Christians who clearly loved God–she happened to be white.

Although things are changing, there happens to be a taboo in many Christian circles against interracial dating. Although pastors–both black and white–preach that anyone against it is racist and prejudice–when that person’s son or daughter comes home with someone from a different race to bring to the dinner table–the entire dynamic changes. It’s almost like acknowledging that the crime rate in our city has tripled, but when it comes to building new prisons and okaying a millage to do that–guess what: “Not in MY backyard!”

It is the 900-pound gorilla in the room that no one in the Church wants to speak to, let alone talk about. But it won’t leave the room; it watches TV with us, it eats at our dinner tables each night. Like the realities of HIV and AIDS, it will not go away, it will not leave the Church until it is addressed within the church. In late 1998-early 1999, distinguished TV pastor the Rev. Dr. Frederick K.C. Price attempted to address the issue, but was met with all kinds of controversy within the church. Price openly took his former mentors to task, exposing them for teaching basically that interracial marriage had no place in the Church, that when considering Christian dating and marriage partners, they should stick to their own kind. In the past, Bob Jones University is at least rumoured to have had a long-standing ban on interracial dating.

This is so unfortunate, and it is not Biblical either. If you have any question about that, go to your Bible. Aaron and Miriam, when their brother, Pastor Moses, took a Cushite woman for his bride, complained. They were met with the Wrath of God, who turned them into lepers (Numbers 12:1-2). God was not concerned about their petty talk about who Moses should have married, or should not have married. It was not their business, and God was angry at them for putting their mouths on their new First Lady. In Scripture we are taught that Christ is the same “yesterday, today, and forever,” so that should give us a warning about harbouring a biased attitude on the issue today. When God blesses a brother and sister with a new bride, whether he/she is black, white, blue, green, or polka dot–we are to rejoice with them. Pure and simple. We are to keep our nose up out of their business, and worry about whether our own house is in order. Singles, take care of yourselves. You make sure you are dating and/or engaged to the man or woman God has in store for YOU.

And would you feel comfortable if you, being a black man or woman, if God told you your partner was white? Or Hispanic? Or Chinese? God may very well do this. To Him, there is “neither Greek nor Jew nor free nor bond, nor male nor female, for all are one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3: 28). And also remember that “man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.” That is why we should stop looking at the colour of each other’s skin, and instead look at the content of their character, as the late Dr. Martin Luther King once said. By limiting ourselves to one race, age group, skin tone, or socioeconomic status, we may miss the one who is really right for us.

Saints, hear my heart very carefully: There is no putting God in a box. For our Bible tells us that His thoughts are not our thoughts, and our thoughts are not His. In fact, the Scripture bears out that His thoughts are even higher than our thoughts(Isaiah 55: 8-9). His ways are mysterious, and we cannot understand how God thinks. Just in case you think He has changed, check out our New Testament: Romans 11: 33 tells us that His ways are “past finding out.”

I do acknowledge the pitfalls of interracial marriage. It will prove to be drama for any kids to come out of such a union. Unfortunately, they will be teased and harassed in school. They will have to experience ignorant names like “zebra” and so on. And the world will be a difficult place for them, because neither race fully accepts them. Life is cruel like that.

However, does such taunting and being made to realise you are different invariably predispose you to failure? A thousand times no. Just ask Barack Obama. Just ask Alicia Keys, one of the best musicians and singers of our time. Or ask Mariah Carey, the famous singer. It is all in how the parents involved instill the notion that their children are somebody, just as capable of accomplishing something in life as anyone else.

But the two people involved must also be strong. Parents, siblings, and friends may decide to shun you because of your decision to accept a partner from the hand of God who happens to be from a different race. You must be ready to deal with it by being strong. If you believe God sent him or her to you, then you must stay prayed up and fasted up. You must remain strong in Him, knowing who you are–and Whose you are.

And if you are one of the people who are prejudiced against interracial couples, take heed lest God becomes displeased with you. Pray, ask for forgiveness, and ask the Holy Ghost to cleanse your heart. And if you are a pastor who preaches this sort of thing, get before God and repent. You are in the wrong. In James it says, “Be not many teachers, for you shall receive the greater condemnation.” You must teach Scripture correctly, and with a loving heart.

Prejudice and bias against other brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of how they are different from you, is not a sign of a loving heart. So please examine yourselves.

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The Social Taboos of Interracial Dating in America Concerning African Americans

I realize that I will probably get a lot of hate comments for writing this piece, but it has come to a point that certain things must be said.

Interracial couples have suffered ignorance, harsh jokes, backstabbing, and cruelty all because they want to be together. It is 2010, this intolerance is no longer acceptable.


The Social Taboos to Interracial Dating in America for African Americans: My Story

When I was 18 years old, I made the decision to date a white man. This was not received well by my family or close friends. I received ridicule to my face and behind my back. I was talked about so much that an older black gentlemen, who I met at a mutual friends house, had the nerve to tell me (within minutes of meeting me) that black people should not date whites. Apparently, he knew who I was before being introduced to me. He went on to lecture me about why interracial dating was wrong. Being raised to respect my elders, I kept my composure and let him talk. Sufficed to say this was humiliating and I was truly hurt. Yes, I was hurt by his audacity, but I was more hurt because I know who had told him all of my business. This person who was so callous into talking behind my back was considered a close friend. She apologized after the occurrence, but sufficed to say I did not speak to her again for months.

This is not all; I had an uncle who made it clear to me that dating a white man was not acceptable. My mother said she wouldn’t date a white man, but that was because she was ole school. She was more concerned about the age difference (my boyfriend at the time was 27 years old). The man I was dating at the time was afraid to tell his father about me. Other than being black, I don’t have any other details as to what his father’s issue was. I’m not sure if he didn’t like other races or if he had a problem with interracial dating. After six months, we broke up because this guy turned out to be a real jerk. Point is that I was left scarred for life by this experience. Not only was my heart broken from the break-up, I became afraid to date outside of my race again because of this ignorant drama.

What I always found odd about my experience is that my white friends were more supportive than my black friends and family. Now that I have exposed myself, lets tackle some issues of interracial dating.

The Social Taboos to Interracial Dating in America for African Americans: Lets Show Some Class

As Americans we all have the right to have our own opinions. However, it is not right to cause mental and physical anguish to others because of our personal preferences. If you prefer to date within your race, then that’s fine, you have every legal right to feel that way. However, it is not appropriate for you to hurt others because of your personal preferences. All you are doing is hurting the people who love and admire you. People fall in love because of who the person is, not because of what color they are. Although, there are some people who would argue that point because of how they see the world.

The Social Taboos to Interracial Dating in America for African Americans: Black Women, Maybe it is Time to Let it Go

I can’t tell you how many times I have read, been at a party/public event, or hair salon without hearing how a famous and rich black man got involved with a white woman. I hear the hatred and resentment oozing from black women’s mouths, like beasts from the underground. Whether a man wants a woman for who she is or because of the fact that she is white, it is time for sisters to let their resentment go.

Sistas, your resentment is hurting you, not them. I can’t put it any plainer than that. Men who are with white women don’t care what you think. If they did care, they would no longer be with them. Black men are with them because they want to be. Black women make themselves look bad when they give the evil eye to a black man and white woman in a grocery store. Don’t you realize that you are confirming the ignorant belief that black women are hard, obnoxious, and mean spirited?

The Social Taboos to Interracial Dating in America for African Americans: Hypocritical Black Men, the Double Standard Must Go

Just because you’re a man and I am a woman doesn’t give you the right to dictate what I can do. Black women can’t date a white man because it’s supposedly wrong, but you’re the first one to sneak around with a white woman in the bushes.

I knew a black woman a few years ago who was in her early 90’s. She told me about a black man that she worked with at a New England post office. This black man’s father was part of some civil rights revolutionary movement in the 40s. Because of that fact, this black male postal worker felt compelled to walk around with pious airs and graces and ideas on how black women should be. One night in a city park, the police caught this man having sex in the back of a truck with a white woman. Incapable of living with his own hypocrisy, he shot himself. Enough said.

The Social Taboos to Interracial Dating in America for African Americans: Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

As an African American my heart will always cry until the day I die for our fallen brothers and sisters during slavery. Black men were castrated, beaten, and tortured just for the fact that they were black. Black women were subjected to rape, beatings, and medical ill treatment after they gave birth. I know this might be hard for some of my brothers and sisters to read, but the truth is, we can’t do anything about it, now.

Money, apologies, and museums will never make up for what happened. Another hard fact is that today’s white people were not responsible for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. There are some black leaders who will say, “Right, they didn’t do it. But, they reap the benefits of it and they have a responsibility to make it right.” Okay, lets take a look at this from another perspective.

A woman makes a living by getting pregnant multiple times to be on welfare (free money without labor). Welfare funds come out of the pockets of hard working taxpayers. Taxpayers did not make the decision to have a child they could not afford, but held responsible to pay for the mistakes or cunning plans of others. The only benefit taxpayers reap from this situation is that these welfare families do not enter the workforce. This is a benefit because there are barely enough jobs to go around as it is. Now, is this fair? I don’t know about you, but I work hard for my money. I get sick every time I think about a piece of my pay check going to someone else who just laid around getting pregnant.

Another fact is that African Americans don’t hold African tribes responsible for the slave trade. Any black person knows that the African tribes of the past, sold prisoners of war (black tribes that were captured by the victorious tribe) to colonist. However, we don’t berate African Americans when they decide to date someone straight from Africa.

Some of you are probably wondering why is the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade being brought up in an article about interracial dating. Some African Americans use the slave trade as an excuse as to why blacks should not date outside of their race. Like I mentioned above, there is nothing we can do about the injustices of slavery that occurred in the past. It is not fair to keep trying to hold the Caucasians of the present responsible for something they had nothing to do. Lets take this energy and fight the racial injustices that are occurring in the present.

The Social Taboos to Interracial Dating in America for African Americans: The Bottom Line

Whether you approve or disapprove of someone dating outside of the black race, the truth is that it’s none of your business. As long as an interracial couple does not pose a violent threat to the community then they have every right to be together.

For the past 70 years we have fought Caucasians for justice, racial tolerance, and equality. Black people want a life of freedom and to live life without unnecessary and vicious hassles for being black. However, we as African Americans show racial intolerance to our own black men and women when they chose to date outside of the race. This is hypocrisy! How can we expect Caucasians to show racial tolerance to us, when we can’t show it ourselves in regards to interracial dating?

Now, some of you will read this and think I am not a true black in my soul or that I have been brain washed by the subliminal seduction of the white media. No, I am a black woman that is tired of ignorant, mean spirited, and unnecessary B.S. from my own people.

Just for the record, I haven’t dated a white man in nine years because of my fear. Truth is, I find both races of men extremely attractive. My fear of my own people’s verbal abuse has held me back because I was desperate to be considered a real sista in their eyes. This editorial is not meant to hurt my people, but to expose the hypocrisy within us concerning interracial dating. If we know better, then maybe we can act better.

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Natural Hairstyles and Interracial Dating

The black woman and her bleak dating prospects have been hot topics in the media during recent years. There have been many articles published chronicling the black woman’s bleak dating prospects. Many of the articles suggest the black woman’s chance of dating happiness is to date a white man. However, are white men attracted to “true black women?” Additionally, if he is, is it for the right reasons?

mixed_couple - Interracialrelation

Besides the obvious (skin color), the main physical difference in black women and white women is their hair. A black woman may choose to go the Caucasian route and straighten her hair or she may embrace who she is naturally and choose to wear her natural black hair. Natural hair styles are becoming more common place and slowly becoming the norm. Given the white man is used to running his fingers through silky straight hair, will he wish to touch and appreciate, “kinks and coarse curls (nap)?” Does the black woman wishing to wear her God given hair have a chance to marry a white man?

The black woman white man dating phenomenon is certainly becoming more commonplace. The sheer numbers of interracial couples are growing daily. However, are the numbers of white men rising because they are seeking black women solely to fulfill a fantasy? A quick review of search engine results show the most searched terms for black women are: “black girls”, and “interracial sex. ” Could it be black women with naturals fulfill the desire to bed a “true sister?”

I am friends with 2 interracial couples. My observation shows them in a true loving, and genuine relationship. My hope is other black women can avoid those without true intentions and find their prince charming, regardless if he is chocolate or vanilla..

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The Downside Risk of Interracial Dating That No One Is Talking About

Here’s What I Know About Interracial Dating

When most ladies appreciate a nice spontaneity, they actually do not such as sarcasm. A lady must make certain that she’s not expecting to project herself as somebody who is in it for the price. An extremely common reason women may forgive their husbands is due to their kids. Another thought to use whenever thinking about involves hunting for men which are interested in women generally and are not likely to be infatuated with a single form of man. In the event you’re attracted to single Ukrainian ladies try out this Russian and Ukrainian dating website. Most Ukrainian ladies appreciate traveling. During the discussion, you may also get to learn more about the wonderful Ukrainian ladies

interracial-coupleEach of the websites are free to enroll for as a means to find regular membership. Free dating sites furnish the finest potential relationship opportunity to singles all over the world. There are lots of free interracial dating sites offering astounding services and assist you in finding a lovely interracial single.

Interracial Dating and Interracial Dating – The Perfect Combination

A guy ought to be considering her because he’s only trying to find a girl ordinarily talking. Some divorced men go for online dating, in addition, it is a superb way of relationship, though you wind up revealing a great deal of info about yourself which isn’t necessary. Dating a younger guy will soon be completely exciting for the two of you.

The sites need to supply their users precisely what they wish, however you must be decisive. It’s fairly simple to locate like-minded women and men in the dating websites. Whilst many dating sites ask you for a monthly payment, these absolutely free sites provide you completely free services. So these online dating they not only offer you an opportunity to meet someone, but they also provide realistic guidance on how to maintain a connection or methods to improve a relationship. There are numerous sites that offer totally free sex video contents online free of charge.

Interracial Dating for Dummies

All you have to do is simply stop by the website and play a video of your pick. The website also includes a site which gives free relationship suggestions. Each one of the dating sites gives you the ability to see personals of the website’s members. Joining an internet dating website enables you to make your own profile together with the posting of an appropriate picture. You’re in an internet relationship website anyhow and it’s only common to get the edge of assembly due to the fact that a lot of people as possible, provided that you’re still by yourself and not alone relationship. Remember there are dozens of web dating sites obtainable for singles.

You need to be sure you find reputable online dating fitting websites though. Only have plenty of patience and if one website does not get the job done for you then find a distinct one. Asian-Euro dating sites are a great alternative in case you’re searching for some excitement in your everyday lifestyle. Whenever you’re employing a Ukrainian dating website and discover a girl you love, it is possible to compose the very first e-mail. The best vegetarian dating sites aren’t mystery areas and are quite typical in the modern world. Yes, it occurs, but in regards to locating the appropriate interracial dating website, you should be specific about what you would enjoy.

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